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    What's your favourite Worship Song?

    JESUS CHRIST I THINK UPON YOUR SACRIFICE You became nothing, poured out to death Many times I?ve wondered at your gift of life And I?m in that place once again I?m in that place once again And once again I look upon the cross Where you died I?m humbled by your mercy And I?m broken...
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    Assurance a-shoor?ans: A term exceptionally rich in spiritual meaning. It signifies the joyous, unwavering confidence of an intelligent faith; the security of a fearless trust. The original words have to do with the heart of vital religion. בּטח, bāṭaḥ, ?trust?; אמן, 'āman, ?to prop,? ?to...
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    Issues in the church

    . AMEN, it's also about delving deeper, not just reading a few verses as your duty for the day, but praying and allowingthe Holy Spirit to guide you through the reading of the word. Irene
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    Why I'm a Christian

    I am a Christian because God reached out to me through His infinite mercy He sent His Son my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, the Sinless Spotless Lamb of God to die for me, the once for all sacrifice for my sins, I repented of those sins at the age of 7 and asked Jesus to come into my life and He...