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    Why I'm a Christian

    :wave: Hello to all who are here or even passing by. Thought to also share and thank you that we can come and hear/read your story. :p First though, something comes to mind, a preacher told of how he worked at a lumber camp. The seasonal work was done and the loggers were heading home, he...
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    Christian Insomniacs Thread

    The last moments of my day and early morning too. I was sorting some papers when a small note fell out. It said "God is the Head of the ways and means comittee" Glad to be reminded! and it made me smile.. Night all.. jean
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    Introduce Yourself...

    Hello.. A little late almost the midnight watch.! Like Toneboy, from the south "emigrated" to North some 32 (or so) yrs ago.. Not too many miles from the Discovery...for the A..class of geography.. Age ..Hmm.. a womans right to silence. but retired and family grown and flown the nest.. Hubby...