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  1. Lainy

    Delirious - Glasgow, 20th October 2006

    Anyone else going to this? :wave:
  2. Lainy

    Happy Birthday Jacqueline!

    Happy Birthday Jacqueline! Hope you had a good day. :wave:
  3. Lainy

    Introduce Yourself...

    The dedication will almost certainly be on the 26th of March. Church starts at 11.20 and there will be lunch afterwards. Congrats on your new arrival. :)
  4. Lainy

    Introduce Yourself...

    :wave: Did you hear that Jennifer is pregnant? Due in July. If you want to come to the dedication when we get it rearranged you're more than welcome. :)
  5. Lainy

    another week

    You haven't said when the baby is due. I bet it's twins. ;)
  6. Lainy

    Introduce Yourself...

    I still like the name Hayden for a boy. :cool:
  7. Lainy

    Avatar Requests

    Can we have some Veggietales avatars, like Larry the Cucumber?