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    A really good band

    There called spirit creek. There a american unsigned band and there music is amazing. There cds can be bought from cdbaby. I love there song only human or shadow dancer. the link is .
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    George micheal

    DO any of you like his (recent) music?. I like the song amazing its describes how i feel being a new christian. The lyrics i never thought that my saviour would come i think your amazing.... Any one like him? P.s. please dont attack me for liking someones music im well aware of his...
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    Pretty daft question....

    Ok im going to goto my first church related thing next week so natuarly im nervous. I have been looking around here and someones post said that mens hair touching there collor they would be disalowed access to the church well my hair is long will i be scrutinised for this?. Its like a mission...
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    Tent mission

    Theres a tent mission in leslie scotland :D . Its just down the road from me. Looking forward to it.