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  1. lawrensons

    Every tribe, tongue, nation & people

    This is a conference to equip Christian to share Jesus Christ with the world on their doorstep (with specific reference to the Asian community). Guest speakers: Samy Tanagho (USA) Tom Chacko Kuldip Rajo (Southampton Asian Centre Outreach) Brian Kirkis (Gospel for Asia) Location...
  2. lawrensons

    Israel in prophecy conference

    Israel in prophecy conference with: Jacob Prasch Gerald Gotzen Ron Matsen Location: Southampton Date: May 27th 2006 Please keep it in your prayers
  3. lawrensons

    Premeirship Relegation

    Who is going to be related this season?
  4. lawrensons

    Leeds for automatic promotion (2006 thread)

    this evenings results has led me to post this question: with a game in hand and only 9 points behind Sheff Utd who are in 2nd what chance do Leeds have of making the top 2?
  5. lawrensons


    would like to set up a podcast on our church site - anyone have any experience at this?
  6. lawrensons

    Chapter & Verse - Inductive Bible Study

    Hi everyone we're starting a 5 session (10 week) bible study course on inductive bible study called Chapter & Verse. Just wanted to ask you to keep it in prayer :Pray: - if anyone is from down south (Southampton) and wants to attend it would be good to see you :wave: they can contact me via...
  7. lawrensons

    End Times Bible Conference

    End Times Bible Conference with special guest speakers: Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum of Ariel Ministries (click) Tony Peace of Light for the Last Days (click) Philip Foster of St. Matthews Church, Cambridge (click) Saturday 28th May 2005, Southampton check it out...
  8. lawrensons

    Pope Dies so what now for the RC church? All I can say is "watch this space"!
  9. lawrensons

    Jacob Prasch

    Jacob Prasch is visiting Calvary Chapel in Southampton on March 13th in the evening. Please pray for a blessed time.
  10. lawrensons

    PHP board masters - URGENT:

    If you are hosting a PHP forum either go to the software site and pick up a new version of the code and get it installed immediately or take the forum off-line and CHMOD the files to read only. There is a new worm just hitting (SantyA) which searches Google for php boards, when it finds one...
  11. lawrensons

    One small Speck to man

    Discover the truth about evolution as author, surgeon and international speaker, Dr Vij Sodera, presents compelling evidence that evolution is a myth. Dr Vij Sodera FRCS Vij graduated from Sheffield University Medical School in 1975 with distinction in chemistry and became a Fellow of the...
  12. lawrensons

    All I want for Christmas is .....

    well? What's on your list?
  13. lawrensons


    Interesting question this: "How is it just for God to hold the sons accountable for the sins of the fathers?" i.e. Adam and Romans 5:12-21
  14. lawrensons

    Sorry ... this is poor

    Why won't sharks attack lawyers? Professional courtesy.
  15. lawrensons

    Thank Cruchie it's FRIDAY!

    thank crunchie it's FRIDAY! - whats for the weekend? me? well i turn 31 on Sunday (years that is) and it still never ceases to amaze me how many people remember MY birthday even though i can't even remeber peoples NAMES! Is that a sign of getting old? Anyway - for me, the weekend consists...
  16. lawrensons

    Creation Fest 2004

    Creation Fest is a FREE Christian music festival held in Woolacombe, Devon from the 6-8 August 2004. Creation Fest is free to attend, so simply turn up and enjoy the awesome line up of bands that include: The Tribe, Cross Movement, thebandwithnoname, Steve, Cathy Burton, The Kry...
  17. lawrensons

    "Slain in the Spirit"

    ok - what do you think about being Slain in the Spirit? Pro? Against? If so - why?
  18. lawrensons

    2 Ways to Live

    Anyone using "2 Ways to Live"? what do you think?
  19. lawrensons

    Calvinism V's Arminianism

    OK - this subject has raised its head in the book review thread so i'm starting a new one for that subject. It's a tough one so some preliminary rules (if you don't mind): 1) The Bible is our sole & final authority 2) Please, no flippant comments about the beliefs of others. Respect each...
  20. lawrensons

    The Growing rise of Cynicisim

    The BBC online Magazine has been debating the reasons why the UK is growing more cynical: makes interesting reading but surely the reason that no one trusts each other is because of the bulldozing of absolute truth? test your cynicism...