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    Your favourite Christian songs

    Kathryn Scott also sings that one on her album, 'Satisfy'
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    What's your favourite Worship Song?

    Abide with me was always mine too Oliverlow I also like Kathryn Scott's 'Blessed be the Name of the Lord' from her album but all them on it are great.
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    Your favourite teams

    Haven't got a fav. but tonight's football has got to be worth a mention here NORTHERN IRELAND beat ENGLAND :p we never beat anyone, my poor hubby's :cry:
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    Christian Insomniacs Thread

    It's just 12midnight here right now so guess that qualifys me now and guess what......NORTHERN IRELAND JUST BEAT ENGLAND :p WALLA and I'm not even a footy fan, but who couldn't resist being delighted at that score, and my husband's English :cry: yup that's him tonight.
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    Why I'm a Christian

    I'm a Christian, because what better way to live your life only than to try to be like Christ, our Maker, with his help, we can but not by our own efforts, we will always fail in our own strength, it has to come from Him. Who would want to live in this world, full of it's woe's and short lived...
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    UK divorce rate highest since 1997

    My son who lives at home with us has just recently got divorced although he is on very good terms with his wife, I don't much like calling her his ex. please excuse and he has his two lovely son's the oldest is 7yrs and the other one is 14mths, he brings them to our home twice a week, he...
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    Introduce Yourself...

    Sorry soooo long :p Sorry for taking soooo long to get back can't really think of what happened but something must have, just received an email yesterday which reminded me again so hope all is well, been walking with Jesus and loving every minute lots have happened since I last visited...
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    The Passion of The Christ

    I went along with my 'unsaved' husband to see this film months ago I also had to close my eyes in parts especially the nails being driven in, tears also rolled down my cheeks but I wasn't sobbing which I thought strange. I don't think it held the Jews responsible at all, sure we are all guilty...
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    Understanding the Bible.

    I think you explanation to Dave on the reading of the Bible is very good. I myself love St Paul's writings, I did as you Dave I started at Genesis also and just about got through to Exodus when I realized something wasn't right, then I was told to read bits at random, I just love the New...
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    Can you relate:-Living with an unchristian spouse?

    Is there any of you can relate to this thread at all I would very much love to hear your stories or am I the only one living this life? I have 2 sons at home, 20yrs and 26yrs, one is separated from his wife although they see much of each other as they have 2 sons, 7yrs and 3months old, they...
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    Introduce Yourself...

    Thank You Thank you for your welcomes, I fully understand about security but I was so anxious to get posting but never mind all comes to he who waits.... I think good times are in store here, I have a good feeling about it.
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    Why I'm a Christian

    I'm a Christian I came to ask Jesus into my life and control it on the 24th Dec 2002 that will be 2 years this Christmas Day. I didn't plan for it to happen on Christmas Day believe me but it did, Thank God. My life had been going downhill rapidly for sometime, my husband and myself did...
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    Introduce Yourself...

    Introduce myself Well at last HELLO EVERYONE I only joined last night but I couldn't get posting but I can now, I've been looking for somewhere like this place to chit chat with other fellow Christians will be nice to get involved with you all. I'm 51yrs old married, with 2 boys (well if you...