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    How do you get set free???!!!!!

    Libby, I can't make such informed replies as the other respondents to your message. I am a very new Christian. I also have had a very low patch in my life, which I can honestly say the recovery is being speeded up since I found God. I'd always struggled with religion, it was the...
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    Understanding the Bible.

    Thanks for the info. I'm reading Luke at the moment and think its wonderful. I'm starting to understand the text better. However, the sections of the Old Testment I've read, as you say, are difficult to grasp. I'm looking forward to the journey though.
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    Understanding the Bible.

    Very useful reply thank you. I think i'm trying to understand it all at the first read - impossible i know.
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    Understanding the Bible.

    Having recently started to learn more about God, I bought my first Bible yesterday. Been logical I've started at the beginnig, already I'm confused with Genesis. How to you interpretate the passages to get their true meaning? Should I be adopting a different approach? Look forward to hearing...