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    Fear of the Lord

    Anyone else here think that much of the trouble for the church today is because too many Christians do not fear the Lord? There about about three hundred injunctions in the bible to fear the Lord, but I don't think many people these days actually do. I suspect that many liberally minded folks...
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    Understanding the Bible.

    reading the bible I sometimes end up scratching my head over the bible. But of course, like lawrensons writes, it's no ordinary book. The books of the bible were written by a variety of people for a variety of audiences, over a long period of time. I agree with lawrensons, the Gospel's are...
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    Why I'm a Christian

    It's OK Being the son of God is OK. I am also the son of Nicholas. He has another son besides me, and a daughter. So does God, and lots of them! I don't want to write more here as this is the wrong thread for theology or interpretaion of scripture. I do know others who had experiences like...
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    What's your favourite Worship Song?

    favourite hymn My favourite hymn tune is perhaps 'Abide with me', but then I am a musician. My overall favourites are "When a Knight won his spurs" and "Lord of the Dance". Both have great tunes and moving lyrics.
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    How do you get set free???!!!!!

    Libby's guide to being set free In John, chapter 8, Jesus says: "If you follow my commandements, then you will truly be my disciples; then you will know the Truth and the Truth will set you free." In order to be free, you need to know the Truth. A disciple will know the Truth. In order to...
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    Why I'm a Christian

    David Ike I remebered David Ike. He was a football presenter on Grandstand. One day, he proclaimed himself the son of God, and got blasted by the papers. Now I know what he was talking about. I saw him the other day on a programme as a guest. His faith has not been shaken. Of course not. And...
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    Why I'm a Christian

    saved by grace When I was about seven I challenged God to demonstate his power by making two sparrows jump into the pond in the Garden. I was surprised when He obliged. A few years back when I was in my early twenties, I was sitting watching the telly when a voice spoke to me from my left. I...
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    Christian Insomniacs Thread

    midnight oil Hello. I just noticed this thread. Not that there's much on it. I suppose we're up late to work on something or other. I tend to do coding and research at night - about the only time I'm guaranteed a half-decent amount of peace and quiet.
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    The PHP Tutorial thread

    have something in mind to achieve From my own experience, learning PHP for myself and teaching others, the best way is to have a reference (e.g. online manuals), and something in mind you want to achieve, a project to work on, and some friendly folks who will give you pointers. This is...
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    indoctrination / telling the truth

    I've heard people say that drumming religion into children is wrong and that you shoud let them make their own minds up. But if you truly believe, surely it is wrong to hide the truth from your children? They will make their own minds up in the end, but by telling them the truth all along...
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    Silverstone loses British Grand Prix

    BritGP is about more than just the money lawrensons writes: > Certainly the new tracks have helped But Silverstone IS one of the new tracks: In the last few years millions have been spent on the circuit, making track improvements based on consultations with drivers and constructors...