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    How do you get set free???!!!!!

    Oh yes, He will show you how to know Him better. In the meantime, a good idea is to try to put some of Jesus's words into effect in your life. Read the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew chs 5-7) and just do what it says there - love, forgive, lend and so on. If you feel nothing then so what...
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    "Wings of Desire"

    I bought my copy - it is sometimes 9.99 from HMV - well worth every penny. It had a dreadful Hollywood remake starring Travolta (I'm told). What grabbed me was that in 1972 I had an angelic encounter and somehow this film sort of triggered off the memory of that and also dovetailed with my...
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    "Wings of Desire"

    Has anyone seen this film - it's by Wim Wenders and depicts the activities and yearnings of angels in Berlin during the 80s. A remarkable film. Well worth watching and, in my opinion, truly inspired.
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    The Passion of The Christ

    I filled in a quiz at belief net regarding this film and scored a big fat zero - so I decided that it would not be my cup of tea. As I cannot even watch Holby city due to squeamishness where blood is concerned (I faint at needles) I'll stay outside the cinema when it's playing :)
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    So I am Bapticostal

    These groups and denominations are always forming, re-forming, dividing and sub-dividing. In time there will be Classic Bapticostals, Neo Bapticostals, Proto Bapticostals, Anti Bapticostals, Charismatic Bapticostals and so on and so on. The stream of groups trying to capture the 'true...
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    How do you get set free???!!!!!

    I think all true followers of the Lamb go through what Libby, and others, here describe - christian life can be a bit like entering the Grand National and then wondering what those fences are doing in your way. Many many people go through their lives moving from one church to another, hoping...
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    Understanding the Bible.

    After 32 years of reading, memorising, studying and so on I'm still finding new meanings in the bible. I don't think we ever stop learning from it. Don't try to understand it - sort of let is wash over you and as you put its precepts into action in your life you'll find whole new vistas of...
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    Why I'm a Christian

    There is a lot left out because the things that happened in my life would fill a library but the surface would not have been scratched. Like the time, as a family, we were on a train without the fare and two or three stops before we arrived, a man leaned across and gave me 5 pounds (a lot of...
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    Can you relate:-Living with an unchristian spouse?

    My wife was converted a month before I was (this was in 1972) and though I did not like the message she gave me regarding my sins etc I could not deny that she had something I lacked - a new found inner peace and a face that glowed, she also stopped swearing and so on. We lived a wonderful...