Anti-Halloween activities - "fun alternative" or political correctness?


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Saw this in yesterday's Metro. Thought it was quite interesting.
Is Hawaiian party a trick or a treat?
by Mike Tait

CHILDREN have been told to ditch Halloween and go Hawaiian instead.

Fraser Donaldson, assistant paster at Elim Pentecostal Church in Greenock, wants to take the spirit out of the traditional activity of guising on October 31.

Instead, he will hold an alternative celebration this weekend for children and youth groups.

He wants them to ditch traditional ghost and ghoul costumes in favour of flowery shirts, hula skirts and the music of The Beach Boys.

However, the move has sparked anger among some parent and teacher groups.

The church, which will be decorated with palm trees for the occasion, has expressed concern about Halloween and its associations with the paranormal.

Mr Donaldson said: 'We are concerned about Halloween and we recognise the significance this festival holds in the calendar of many occult religions.

'There is only one God and only one practice of worship and that is according to the Bible and the scriptures.

'We stand against anything else and this is really just a fun alternative.'

However, Judith Gillespie, of the Scottish Parent Teacher Council, said: 'It's carrying political correctness too far.

'Halloween is an innocent activity and I find it really sad that the things kids enjoy are being taken away from them.

'What would be more scary for a ten-year-old? Ghouls and goblins or listening to The Beach Boys?'

Halloween is condemned by Elim churches across the country because of its links to the occult.
Seems quite a good thing to do. Can't see what it has to do with the Scottish Parent Teacher Council when this isn't taking place at a school. :rolleyes:

And I've always thought the Beach Boys are really scary. Especially that "Surfing Safari" song. :p