Domain Hosting

Just wanted to know who everyone uses & what they think of them or is there anyone to avoid!

I currently use

godaddy - for domain purchases - Very Cheap! even for
hostgo - for hosting - recommended by a friend, the price is around ?6 a month for the basic package. Never had a problem with them

Also used easily in the past

I am also looking for the cheapest option to host my own personal website (only visitor is my father-in-law to see photos of my daughter), but also looking for 5 or more pop email accounts rather than have them being forwarded to my ISP.



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I've used easily in the past and know that they're reliable.

I think it is Supanames which have a 35Mb package (including .uk domain name) for ?13.99 p/a, including PHP & MySql. It is one of those deals where you have to pay for 2 years up front and doesn't include VAT, so it ends up being about ?33 all-in. Unfortunately for what you're wanting the e-mails are all forwarded onto the one mailbox.

Another one I've been looking at (for personal use) is Host Plus. They have a similar package to Supanames but it is about ?10 more expensive, but does go up to 50Mb and you can specify 50 different e-mail addresses to go to separate mailboxes (I think!).

(Sorry if I've got the names wrong and that I haven't included URLs - too busy to look at the moment.)
Originally posted by lawrensons
do u need any features? PHP, ASP, FP extensions, CGI-Bin etc.?
Don't really need anything like that currently but may be interested in php (once tony shows me how to use it) or may try my hand with coldfusion.

I currently have some space on my ISP server but don't like the long urls (although it has its own domain which fowards people to the ISP site).

The main thing I need is probably the pop email accounts rather than the webspace - easily do email accounts for ?10 each per year but that is ?50 for my 5!!

Just spotted hostgo have a new offer of 5 for $20 - possibly worth considering.

I have been using fasthosts. The reseller account is a bit expensive, but as i managed to get that covered by a couple of clients it means every new domain I add is free, with unlimited email, autoresponders, space, and bandwidth (well within reason), you get to choose Linux or windows and there are loads of add-ons like virus protection, user control panels etc. that you could sell-on.

Best of all when I upload at 2:30am and the pages wont conect to my database I can call someone and a very tired, bored person at fasthosts is always very helpfull.

I have had some people say they have got to big and they also ran a script to check how many reboots they did on the server for one of their sites. This showd loads of reboots in a day so the left them. I find them ok, but have not got any high volume sites.
Hosting problem solved :D

Hostgo have put my main 3 domains on the one account. Even although to me they appear as subdirectories, to someone else they appear as separate sites with their own subfolders.

They also have configured it so that i can have pop email addresses for all 3 domains (I had 100 to use)

I also have 200MB of space with them and only used about 25MB, so there is space for all 3 domains!

I am now working through the transfer of these from Btinternet etc and updating outlook with the new account details :confused:



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Jazz - how are you getting on with HostGo? Would be interested to find out what they're like to use over the long-term.

Did you need to speak to someone to configure the separate domains under the one account, or can you do that through a control panel?

Any idea if they accept .uk domains?

Looking through their list of features they certainly seem to tick a lot of boxes.

Both Scott K and I have used them for hosting and email for a few years now with no issues.

What I found out, when Scott tried to put his domains under one account, was that it was not normally allowed. But after a few emails and some input from myself they allowed Scott to do it.



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We might be looking for a new host.

Would need to have about 200Mb of space, PHP/MySQL, unlimited e-mail forwarders and ability to run CRON jobs (the last part seems to knock out a few possibilities, unfortunately).