Domain name pricing watch


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Obviously quite a quickly changing market, but as there are quite a few of us who are interested in it we might as well keep an eye on it.

Note to anyone reading this: Prices will change in the course of time. Please make sure you read the latest posts in this thread for the most up-to-date deals.

I've tended to use but they're starting to look a bit more pricy for just domain names. With VAT a costs ?9.99 for two years.

A friend of mine recently used 123-reg for his domains. Their front page advertises a for 9p, but when you look into the registry fees and add on VAT it works out at about ?6 for two years.

In both those cases .com domains are more expensive.

Jazz_UK has always told us how good godaddy is. They are based in America, so all their prices are in dollars, so you'll have to convert prices over and also figure out what it will cost you in terms of any bank/credit card fees. I think Jazz has used them recently so I'll let him tell you what it works out at per domain.