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Some of you know I've been working on a new CD...

You can now hear preview tracks at my website:

If you are unlike me, and have patience... the high speed site has much more info and the sample tracks sound much better - but at a price - you'll have to wait on things to dowload.

Let me know what you think!

In His service - Glen


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oh yeah! I keep working on the page, and then everytime I load a new SWiSH file, it defaults to that... thanks for the heads up! :O)
Glen - Nice neat site!

Unfortunately I was at work, so could only listen to a few bars, with the volume down low, but liked what I heard

I will be able to listen to the tracks more when I get home.


PS I like the way that you can pause & move through the tracks by using the buttons on the homepage.


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thanks for you kind words... right now, I'm pulling my hair out trying t figure out how to get the audio player to go to the next song after the current song is done playing... arg!

We're prayerfully completing the CD this weekend and sending it off to production - I hafta resing a few songs.... :( pray for me if you think of me.