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Still no answer.

Office called and the results still aren't in. They were supposed to have had them faxed to their office on friday.

I had hoped that I would hear by today. :cry:


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The waiting must be horrible, I would have always thought it is safer for a medical office to play it safe on the estimate of when someone will receive a diagnosis. Surely the stress involved in something like this can only make a situation worse.
Hi C1sissy

I'm afraid I can't quote scriptures to you like the other guys here but I do believe in the undoubted power of prayer. I have followed your posts on the Outfront forum and although I have never replied to them, you have often been in my thoughts and I will send a special prayer for you this evening.
Hi AndyT, I'm sorry but I don't recall seeing you on outfront, but welcome to this forum, I hope that I get to know you in outfront, and thanks for the prayers, as they are going to be needed a tad more.

Toneboy, thanks for the prayers, and yes the waiting was horendous.(sp?)

I just hung up from the pulmonary dr.

What they were looking for was not there, thanking God for that. Now the bad news.

During the echocardiogram, the heart is supposed to pump at 55%, mine is only pumping at 42%. I now have to see a cardiologist. I'm very upset right now.

I thought that hearing from the dr would end the suspense? per say.

He isnt sure if this is causing the breathing problems or not since it would be the cardiologist that would be dealing with this he didn't want to hedge any guesses. I of course appreciate the fact that he won't.

Thanks for the support and the prayers.

Posting an update on the heart situation.

I had my cardiologist appointment on monday, and they admited me right into the hospital in fear of my having a heart attack. I was imedatly scheduled for heart catherization. Thank God that showed no blockages.

I have minimal heart muscle damage, which is a minor but not serious heart failure, not assocated with congestive heart failure. My blood pressure is low, and my heart rate very high. They seem to think that exercise and medication will do the trick. Just the meds are a expense that is one we don't need right now.

I need to rest due to the incision into the main artery in the groin not opening up and bleeding, and a tad exhausted. But for the first tiem in ages I can breath relatively well.

Thank you everyone for the prayers.


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Re: update

Originally posted by c1sissy
I need to rest due to the incision into the main artery in the groin not opening up and bleeding, and a tad exhausted. But for the first tiem in ages I can breath relatively well.
Well, that's one good thing at least. :)

Will continue to pray for you. :pray:
Thanks soooo much for the prayers as I know that is what got me through this.

Even though I have no fear of dying, I have the fear of leaving my children. I dont' know if that makes sense or not. So thanks again for the prayers.
I have many health realted issues going on in my life. I won't go into all of them as I don't want to sound as though I am complaining or posting a my life sucks post.

A new one has arrisen over the past 3 months that has increased my lack of energy which I need to work. In a two week peroid I am to work 30 hours, and the past three months have only managed to get in 20-25 hours a pay cycle. I don't want to loose this job as I need it. I work at home in a medical billing job.

My breathing has been horrible, causing me to become more exhausted more easily. I'm in the process of testing to see what the problem is. Yesterday I went through breathing tests. Next week I am to have an echo cardiogram done.

Today I am more exhausted from the tests yesterday. And I think that this is all begining to become very depressing. I think for the most part I do manage to overcome/hide the depression as to not upset my family. I can live with the chronic pain, but not having energy to function and take care of just the basica daily things in life, and with christmas upcoming and the things i need to do to prepare for this, I need my energy levels to increase greatly.
We are very sorry to hear this../ we will add this to pray for you,.,. please be with the faith on Lord.. living or other.. all need to belongs to God .. we will pray for you.. blessings