indoctrination / telling the truth

I've heard people say that drumming religion into children is wrong and that you shoud let them make their own minds up.

But if you truly believe, surely it is wrong to hide the truth from your children?

They will make their own minds up in the end, but by telling them the truth all along you give them a head start.

Not telling them about God and about Jesus is like not telling them about love, or law, and just as bizarre, if you think about it.



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Fully agree. Something about the word "indoctrination" I don't like though, almost like "interrogation" isn't it?

Anyway, I'd liken it more to "telling" and "teaching". They're certainly important, in fact vital to allow children to make fair decisions. At school kids might be told about all other religions (for the politically correct crowd) and so many theories told as fact (cough *Darwin* cough) you have to let them know about Jesus. However the final decision does need to be their's.