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Widely touted around a lot of the open source/anti-MS sites, what does everyone think of it?

I downloaded it just to check cross-browser compatibility, and wasn't keen on it at first. I got a bit petty about how the browser can override your text size settings in a way that IE6 can't. Then I remembered that it is the visitor who is important and reconsidered.

Have to be honest, it is slowly growing on me. I like the "Open in a new tab" option. Apparently it can also be customised and it blocks those irritating pop-ups (although I try to avoid sites with pop-ups, so I hadn't noticed to be honest with you).


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Started using Mozilla for all my browsing and e-mail about 6 months ago and can't see myself going back to IE. Tabbed browsing and the pop-up blocker are major plus for me.
Just started to play with quadrasite, which a new internet browser. Uses internet explorer as the backbone but allows you to have 4 window visible at the same time.

Therefore you can have have 4 homepages and you can click a link to open in in that page or drag it to one of the other windows and it opens in that.

Try it out at


PS It also blocks popups!


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It seems like pop-up blocking is the big thing for browsers these days. I suggest that Microsoft need to implement something like this with IE fairly quickly or else more discerning surfers are going to use other browsers for most (if not all) of their browsing.
I have been using Firebird at home an its great, but at work we are using Advant

Again its got good tabbed browsing and popup blocking. I am really not sure which I prefer.

The only problem I have had relates to web design work. You make changes to a site and then want to review uploaded changes (after reviewing on PC); sometimes its really a pain to clear the cache.