New Features (January 2009)


Staff member
In order to improve the user experience here we have implemented a few changes. These are as follows:

The end of subscription forums
As these didn't seem to be very popular we've put Chit-Chat Illustrated and Ministry Support in the general population of forums. The purposes for those two forums can be read in the sticky threads at the top of each forum.

New features
There are some new features for established users. In addition to Social Groups users can also have their own photo albums, along with their own visitor pages for public messaging.

Reduced permissions for new users

Obviously we would like for established users to be able to enjoy the new features, however we do not want new users to sign up and abuse these features. With that in mind the following features are disabled for users with less than ten posts:
  • Private messages.
  • User albums.
  • Ability to post new threads.
  • Ability to upload attachments in Chit-Chat Illustrated.

Please feel free to ask if you have any questions regarding any of these features or policies.