The Growing rise of Cynicisim


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Toneboy said:
I just took the test. Apparently I'm only a "second-rate cynic". :)
Actually I would have had some different answers to some of the questions, and some were UK related. I think I am cynical. Which isn't a good thing, as cynicism is a Greek, not a biblical philosophy. The scriptures are clear that in the last days men WILL BE lovers of themselves, lovers of money, lovers of pleasure - so what is the surprise? Jesus knew what was in the hearts of men. The idea is not to deny the evil that lurks in the hearts of men, but to see the hope that the Lord can give new hearts. I have to remind myself this every time I pick up a newspaper.


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Of course Greek words move on a bit. The word from which we get the word pharmacy was apparently more to do with drugs of a "recreational" nature rather than the healing variety.

Nothing wrong in being cynical in my mind, especially in regard to the things of the world. I felt I grew up being very naive, so to stop and think about the ins and outs of things tends to be quite a good idea in my view.


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That is where I am attempting to find a balance. I have a better choice than to be either naive or cynical. I can be aware, but aware from a larger perspective, that is, what is the Lord saying and doing through all this, and what is the ultimate end.

Yesterday I got really upset about a situation where I discovered I was taken advantage of. It made me disgusted that finding a person with integrity and honest is about as likely as discovering the proverbial needle an a haystack.

But I thought about it. I realized that this world, and all that is in it will be destroyed. My citizenship is in heaven, and I have to admit I have been settling way too comfortably in a foreign land and I have no idea when my visa will expire and I will return to my real home.