Third Day & Delirious in Edinburgh (11/6/2005)


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Am just booking my tickets.

The event has moved to Edinburgh. Highland Hall, The Royal Highland Centre, Ingliston to be exact. Same date, same prices.

(Suits me better actually.) isn't the easiest site to get around IMHO. :(


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Well for the most part that was very impressive. I enjoyed it, but would have enjoyed a lot more had my sore throat not returned with avengeance.

Mostly very good, some minor things on both the organisation side and also the attendee's side which could be better, but things which I think will be ironed out if the event is repeated (and there was talk of having it again next year mentioned by officials on the stage on Saturday). For instance I wouldn't turn up at about 11.30am when the gates don't open until midday (which was when some people thought the music was starting).

Very minor gripe - the programme (which I didn't buy) was ?3 and looked flimsy as anything. Don't think there was much to read in it either judging by what people were saying.

Wish it had been outdoors as the weather on Saturday was mostly fantastic. The heat inside the main hall was sweltering. It was interesting watching a lot of people rush outside once one band had finished before another one began.

As for the bands, I thought Third Day were superb in every respect. Pick of the bunch for me, although Lainy thought it was Delirious (who I'm a bit indifferent about).

For those people who are fans The Newsboys were a late addition to the day, flown in that evening after another performance in Amsterdam. Unfortunately by the time they came on I was a tired, coughing vegetable who still needed to drive home.

All in all though an excellent day. :p