UK divorce rate highest since 1997


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My son who lives at home with us has just recently got divorced
although he is on very good terms with his wife, I don't much like
calling her his ex. please excuse and he has his two lovely son's
the oldest is 7yrs and the other one is 14mths, he brings them
to our home twice a week, he just did a lovely thing tonight, he's a
taxi driver and he saw this woman lying on the side of the road, he
said everyone was just walking past her ignoring her, he stop his car
called the ambulance, put his coat under her head and waited on them
the medics said she was a 'regular' as it is a well none part of town for
prostitutes, but even so I told him he was being a 'good samaritan' see
I pray covering them all (my family) with Jesus precious blood everynight
and I do believe that is the reason he did what he did tonight, I'm so
pleased with him, I just had to share it with you all, that's the little bit of Jesus coming out in him Amen