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This is creating a huge stir around here, making the front page of the Evening Times in Glasgow this lunchtime.

What people are reading is that from the 26th October you'll need a passport with biometric data on it to enter the USA. If you don't have that then you'll need to get a visa. I think the Evening Times said that you'll need to go to either London or Belfast to get one, and it will cost you ?67. Seemingly a lot of people would need to do that as the UK will not be issuing Biometric passports until 2005.


... the BBC reports that if you don't have a passport storing biometric data then you'll just have your photo taken and provide fingerprints (slight hassle, preferable to ?67 though if you ask me).

UK diplomats are apparently in negotiation to extend the deadline as well.

The main losers seem to be those people whose passports expire after October 26th, and still can't get a passport holding biometric data. Apparently they'll still have to pay ?67 for a visa.

Big headlines, lot of worry caused, little substance. Long way to go on this one. Can't say I'm too concerned at the moment, but it is something to keep an eye on.

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What I immediatly thought of when this news broke a couple of days ago was "mark of the beast". I know that premature - but we're are well on the way. Soon, you won't be able to travel without a biometric passport.


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I thought the same, perhaps not for right now but down the line a bit. I don't think your thinking is all that premature, the technology certainly seems to be there or thereabouts.
The actual "mark" on people is a manifestation of the "spiritual" mark many have already taken and will continue to take. These in part are those who take on His name but deny the power (2nd Timothy 3) and art dead (Rev 3). These are those who do not have the seal/ernest (Holy Ghost) in their lives (2 Cor 1 and Eph 1 and 4). These are those who cannot receive His Word. Only the deceived receive the "mark" as the elect cannot be seduced into wandering after the beast (physically/spiritually) (Mark 13). Those who have given and/or will give their lives to a movement, a church, a religion (Christian or non-Christian) a man (besides the man Christ Jesus) or any other thing that is not founded on the fullness of the Word revealed in this age will take on the mark. Those who do not take the mark and do not make the rapture (calling away) will give their lives for His name's sake (Rev 7). The only thing that separates the Bride taken before the tribultation sets in with those do not make it is the seal of God (Holy Ghost). When I hear of the technologies that will make the physical mark possible (there are many and more to come) I know His return is closer than we realize and as we get closer the world falls farther and farther into deception. I believe Enoch types the Bride who is taken away before the tribulation flood (type) that will engulf this world. We need to continually look up as our redemption draws nigh. I love to see His Word come to pass.
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Good points Joe.

Also worth remembering that no-one is going to take the mark by accident. It will be a mark that people will choose to take.

However moves towards biometric passports in my mind see steps that might speed the process along, if people are shown other "benefits" that a mark might bring. If that means personal details being stored on a chip for security purposes, making the world a "safer place", then a lot of people would probably think that is a good idea.
...and the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die...The enemy has a subtil way of making something look good with the intention of deceiving for he is a liar and the truth (fullness) is not in him. I agree with you 100% brother. bro joe