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Just a few pointers should you wish to tell everyone about a Christian event in this forum.

1) Please include the name of the artist/band/speaker in the thread title so that we know who/what it is you are promoting.

2) Please also include date details in the thread title. If it is a one-off event just include the one date, if it is a tour/series then at least include the year. Hopefully we'll be around for a while and most bands/speakers/etc. hope they will be as well.

3) Only Christian events in this forum please. Other events should be posted in General Chit-Chat, Sports Centre, etc., as appropriate. If need be the moderators will move threads from this forum to where they should be.

4) If a thread title does not represent an event accurately the moderators may change the title accordingly. Furthermore should dates/venues/etc. change the thread title may also change.

These guidelines are here so that hopefully anyone passing by can find an uncluttered diary of upcoming Christian events, hopefully providing a useful service for organisers and prospective attendees alike. :)

If you have any further questions please feel free to PM me.
Not open for further replies.