Your favourite teams


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Very simple, just list the teams you support and the sports involved.

I'm posting... then running for cover! Here goes:

Crystal Palace (Football)
Atlanta Braves (Baseball)
Miami Dolphins (American Football)
Mighty Ducks of Anaheim (Ice Hockey)
Chicago Bulls (Basketball)
Hampshire C.C.C. (Cricket)
Warrington Wolves (Rugby League - my best friend at University was from Warrington, so they became a natural choice to follow)
Adelaide Crows - Aussie Rules Football
Adelaide 36ers - Australian Basketball
Australia - Cricket
Sheffield Wednesday - British Soccer
Leyton Hewitt - Tennis
Toyota - Formula One
Not into sports but currently wearing a Phoenix Diamondback's T-shirt, from their 2001 championship win. Long story but I was in Phoenix when they won! - Baseball

Renault - Formula One (due to my car being a Renault)
Phoenix Suns - Basketball (seen them while in USA)

Not a real big sports fan!

Toneboy - You missed out your F1 choice! Was that intentional?

Originally posted by Toneboy
No, it wasn't intentional. I'm a Jordan fan.

I thought you liked McLaren - what happened?
I changed this season after their poll & second in qualifying at the Malaysian GP.

I done it just to annoy Jules, who is the diehard McLaren fan! :D



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Fair enough, glory hunter. ;)

Personally I really can't stand Flavio Briatore. He didn't treat Jenson Button very fairly either from what I have read.

Ben - how did you end up supporting Sheffield Wednesday? Do you have family in Sheffield, or was it another reason?


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Football - Rangers (also east fife and blackburn rovers)
AFL - phili soul (bon jovi links)
NFL - the new york giants (above reason...)
They are about the only sports i watch on tv enough to support a team. Of course i support scotland internationaly as well.


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You'll get on well with Lainy then Will, she's also a Rangers fan.

P.S. Welcome to the board - nice to have you here. :)
Haven't got a fav. but tonight's football has got to be worth a mention here
we never beat anyone, my poor hubby's :cry: