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    Wordpress plug-ins and tips thread

    Hi, Thought this list be helpful 101-steps-to-becoming-a-better-blogger Stuart
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    Wordpress plug-ins and tips thread

    You can right click on the verse/title within the post and that should allow you to download the mp3... although I would agree there is no instructions so may not be noticed by most people. Will be doing some tests to see how additional text works with the podcast/itunes etc. Stuart
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    Wordpress plug-ins and tips thread

    Podcasting Hi, Just added Podpress to Source of Hope. This play mp3 files directly on the page and also helps you set-up your podcast for itunes etc. The only issue is that unless you set the bit rate that is not a multiple of 11.025 kHz you sound like a chimpmunk (speeded up)...
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    Does your Church change anything for the summer?

    Hi - Ours does not change and wonder why some churches do! A local baptist church stops Sunday School for the 7 weeks of summer holidays so the parents have 2 choices 1) One does not come along to the service and stays at home 2) Come along but take your own child out so you still do...
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    Church and parenting issues

    Tony, Is she only like this in the creche, or if you leave her in other places does she react the same way? It may be the creche is too busy or noisy or something hot, cold? Can she take her own toys into the creche... something she is familiar with? Is the service timing...
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    Domain Hosting

    Toneboy, Both Scott K and I have used them for hosting and email for a few years now with no issues. What I found out, when Scott tried to put his domains under one account, was that it was not normally allowed. But after a few emails and some input from myself they allowed Scott to do it...
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    Can UK Churches afford full-time leaders?

    But how many of the people actually tithed (I know it is Old Testament but in my opinion it is a good indicator)? In surveys it is found that very few people tithe, most throw a few coins in to ease their concience. Also most churches have unemployed and pensioners which have to be taken out of...
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    Can UK Churches afford full-time leaders?

    I heard "don't remember the source" that a town can only have a Jewish synagogue if there are 10 families (or men). Therefore the 10 men donate 10% of their salary and therefore a priest can be hired and is paid an average of their salaries. I think that this is a good example, if a church...
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    Text-only homepage

    How about making one that is formatted to work well with smartphones!
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    The PHP Tutorial thread

    Toneboy - Bought some php books for Christmas last year, only getting round to reading the first one this month. All I can say is "Ouch!" It is like learning a new language, and I am wanting to write an essay but all I can say so far is "My name is Jazz. , my age is *** and I live in...
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    Christian Insomniacs Thread

    I guess I can be classed as a night owl, although also need to get up early most mornings for work. I survive on about 5 hours sleep a night! Most nights I can be found on the computer, updating a website or designing a logo or editing a photo (and occasionally surfing my favourite forums ;)...
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    The Alpha Course

    i will try to answer your two questions, but the last one first. Advertising - There is a significant amount of money spent on advertising the alpha course, this is mainly by Alpha Course Ltd (or whatever they are called), not the local churches. I have seen it on buses, billboards & even on...
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    It appears on the UK and other countries on the soundtrack & trailer but not on the USA, based on some marketing decision by Sony. I have seen the trailer a few times, and will listen out for Switchfoot next time. Hopefully the same single is on one of their own albums, rather than forcing...
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    How do you get set free???!!!!!

    Our freedom in Christ is the ability to be free from sin! We however cannot do it on our own, Galatians 5 continues and tells us what not to do (the set of rules you referred to!) but he also tells us what to do Galatians also tells us that we do not do this in our own. As we...
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    heellllloooo there

    Libby - Welcome to the forum, I look forward to getting to know you. Another Cheesy question but - What church in Dundee do you attend? If you want to find out more about some of us then visit the introduction thread. Why not post some more information about yourself there? My post is...