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    Coronavirus Outbreak discussion

    Covid: Christian group fined £10k for Bulwell car park meet
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    Is that the New Revelation of God?

    - Revelation 22:18-19
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    Coronavirus Outbreak discussion

    Hello from Level 4 in Scotland. :wave: Covid in Scotland: Level 4 lockdown to be imposed in 11 council areas
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    Coronavirus Outbreak discussion

    Churches say no to second lockdown (presented without comment)
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    Coronavirus Outbreak discussion

    Evangelicals are looking for answers online. They’re finding QAnon instead
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    Coronavirus Outbreak discussion

    Masks now required for Church attendance in England and Scotland. Coronavirus: Face covering use expanded in England and Scotland (BBC)
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    Coronavirus period - live online services

    While most may be aware, not everyone will be aware that there are services available online, either on Sundays, or throughout the week. If you have a live service feel free to add your links below.
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    Coronavirus period - online events

    Thought it would probably be worthwhile to start a thread of events which are taking place online. There are plenty of them!
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    Coronavirus Outbreak discussion

    We're still well in the midst of this. Churches in the UK remain closed. There are lots of other significant questions regarding this, and this is the thread to discuss them in.
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    Six Weeks to Save the World

    Bookmarking this for myself really, is on iPlayer (for anyone in the UK) for about another three weeks or so. Show details:
  12. Toneboy and GDPR

    This thread exists for any GDPR questions that users may have. Additionally, should you wish to ask a question privately please feel free to contact me via a Private Message.
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    Xenforo version 2

    We've just upgraded to Xenforo version 2. Please help us out by pointing out any bugs, thanks. :)
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    Hi Rachel and welcome to the forums. Firstly I wanted to say that I can clearly see that your Mother's illness and subsequent passing have been enormously painful, and for that you have my greatest sympathy. While I have not experienced anything like this kind of pain in my life, I have had...
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    The Bible in Britain

    Interesting, if nothing else:
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    Introduce Yourself...

    Likewise, welcome to the board! Sorry for the delay in approvals, unfortunately the amount of spam registrations we get means we must moderate new users.
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    Songs of Praise - ongoing thoughts & opinions

    Well yesterday's show about marriage ended up being utterly predictably politically correct. :(
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    Gen 88-11 weekly devotion

    Getting loads out of reading through Genesis at the moment. Think I might tie a few of them up in a new devotion.
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    Your favourite Christian songs

    Been a while since anyone posted anything in this thread. :)
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    Gen 8:5-7 weekly devotion

    Just got to Genesis in my devotions. Can really enjoy these now. :)