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  1. Toneboy

    Coronavirus period - live online services

    While most may be aware, not everyone will be aware that there are services available online, either on Sundays, or throughout the week. If you have a live service feel free to add your links below.
  2. Toneboy

    Coronavirus period - online events

    Thought it would probably be worthwhile to start a thread of events which are taking place online. There are plenty of them!
  3. Toneboy

    Coronavirus Outbreak discussion

    We're still well in the midst of this. Churches in the UK remain closed. There are lots of other significant questions regarding this, and this is the thread to discuss them in.
  4. Toneboy

    Six Weeks to Save the World

    Bookmarking this for myself really, is on iPlayer (for anyone in the UK) for about another three weeks or so. Show details:
  5. Toneboy and GDPR

    This thread exists for any GDPR questions that users may have. Additionally, should you wish to ask a question privately please feel free to contact me via a Private Message.
  6. Toneboy

    Xenforo version 2

    We've just upgraded to Xenforo version 2. Please help us out by pointing out any bugs, thanks. :)
  7. Toneboy

    The Bible in Britain

    Interesting, if nothing else:
  8. Toneboy

    Christians in UK/US politics

    From the BBC. Take with a massive pinch of salt:
  9. Toneboy

    Persecution in North Korea

    Horrible reports coming out of there. I suspect however that the Church there may be stronger and have a greater witness than the Church in the West.
  10. Toneboy

    Approaching the throne of grace with confidence

    Let's start this question with a scripture: So my question would be, how do you approach the throne of grace with confidence (or to use a word common in other translations, boldness) if you're not feeling particularly confident? I think we all have times when you feel that prayers aren't going...
  11. Toneboy

    Host move - 7th December 2013

    Hi everyone, just a bit of advance notice, but we'll be moving hosts this Saturday, probably at approximately 19:00 GMT. Hopefully we won't have too long an outage, but please be patient during this time.
  12. Toneboy

    Why I Said No To The NFL

    Thought this was very interesting. I suspect a lot of people don't have the opportunity to become a full-time sportsman, so to then give that opportunity up and follow God's will is an interesting story to read.
  13. Toneboy

    Theme Ideas

    With the Xenforo software we can have a number of different themes for viewing of the site (which, to be fair, we had with vBulletin as well). If you would like to see this site with a different colour scheme please post your ideas here.
  14. Toneboy

    We've Moved to Xenforo

    Back again, we've now moved to Xenforo forum software. Just while we iron out a few kinks we have disabled new registrations. If you see any glitches please post here. :)
  15. Toneboy

    Study/Sermon recommendation thread

    Thought this would be a good idea. :) Just listened to this Brian Brodersen study on Romans 15, and the ways and means in which God works. Thought it was really good, just what I needed to hear right now if I'm honest. Seems to end slightly abruptly for some reason, but don't let that put you...
  16. Toneboy

    Songs of Praise - ongoing thoughts & opinions

    I know when I think of heroes of the faith, I think of Eamonn Holmes. Why isn't he listed in Hebrews 11 again? :rolleyes: Special episode in regard to Belfast and the Titanic, so they roll out "Those In Peril On The Sea". Lazy.
  17. Toneboy

    2010 logo vote

    Hi everyone. Fiddling around with some new logo options. Please let us know which one you like the best! Option a: Option b: Option c: Many thanks in advance for your votes/comments.
  18. Toneboy

    The PS3 Thread

    Anyone else with one of these lovely machines? And if so, is anyone really bad at FIFA 09? (Because I'll be a fair match for you. :D)
  19. Toneboy

    New Features (January 2009)

    In order to improve the user experience here we have implemented a few changes. These are as follows: The end of subscription forums As these didn't seem to be very popular we've put Chit-Chat Illustrated and Ministry Support in the general population of forums. The purposes for those two...
  20. Toneboy

    This is Chit-Chat Illustrated

    Hi everyone, this is chit-chat illustrated, now released from being a subscription forum and available for the use of all members here. The basic jist of this forum? To allow you to post relevant pictures in relevant threads. Please don't abuse the privilege and post gigantic and...