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The Pilgrim Ecclesiastic and Educational Center “Andcross” https://www.andcross.ee

organizes trips of believers to the Sacred Sites. The company has got enough experience to make every trip comfortable and eventful. With us, you can visit temples, monasteries, and healing springs in different countries of the world. And, of course, the main goal and a top dream for every pilgrim is a trip to the Holy Land in Israel. To Jerusalem, Jericho, Bethlehem, Jaffa, and other places that a believer knows from his first Bible. Such trips are also organized by Andcross.

In addition to pilgrim tours, the Orthodox corporation aims to spread the values of Christianity. For example, via the popularization of Orthodox art.

On the company’s website https://andcross.eu, you can order items made of silver – icons, figurines and bells for a table, crosses, and rings. Every item is made by skilled Orthodox craftsmen or in art workshops at churches and monasteries.

All goods comply with the norms and rules of the Christian religion. The external beauty is united with the internal matter of the objects consecrated in the church, which are designed to help the Orthodox strengthen their faith and stay in contact with Our Lord.