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Have you ever thought that your offering is too small to give God, remember the poor widow in Mark 12:41-44 who threw just two mites into the treasury and Jesus commended her generosity, for she paid more than anyone else in the temple. A gift to God is not measured by size or value, it is measured by our faith in God.

Have you ever thought that your tithe or offering is too big to give God, then remember Abraham who had a son at old age (100 years) and was ready to kill the only child for God. No amount of our gift, money or service is too much for God, after all, He owns the earth and everything therein.(Psalms 24:1)

Do you think a gift or offering is too small or too big to give God, do not be misled by Satan. Is your spouse or friend against you giving to God, remember Ananias and his wife Sapphira in Act 5. Whatever you give God, you shall be paid back in multiple folds. Romans 11:35 says ' who has ever given to God, and He shall repay them, for everything we have comes from Him (Jesus)

If Abraham can give God his only child, what is that thing you think is too big to give God. If God can give you His only begotten son, why can't you give Him your children to serve Him

If God can prepare a beautiful abode for you in the heaven, why can't you give Him your heart to reside. If Jesus can you give you His life on the cross, why can't you give Him yours.

Do not murmur, do not complain, serve Him with all your heart. Give Him your life, your home, your heart, your body. Give Him your everything, GIVE HIM ALL


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God will not accept an offering if it is not from the heart. So we must give Him our heart first.Then give the offering from our heart.
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